20 Largest Shareholders of Skeljungur hf.

1Íslandsbanki hf.10,49%
2Gildi - lífeyrissjóður9,79%
3Arion banki hf.9,35%
4Frjálsi lífeyrissjóðurinn8,06%
5Kvika banki hf.7,73%
6Birta lífeyrissjóður5,71%
7365 hf.4,68%
8Festa - lífeyrissjóður4,20%
9Lífsverk lífeyrissjóður3,44%
10Landsbankinn hf.3,26%
11Stefnir - ÍS 153,23%
12Stapi lífeyrissjóður2,98%
13Stefnir - ÍS 52,18%
14Brú lífeyrissjóður starfs sveit1,94%
15IS Hlutabréfasjóðurinn1,60%
16Eftirlaunasj atvinnuflugmanna1,32%
17Fagfjárfestingarsjóðurinn TRF1,29%
18Júpíter - Innlend hlutabréf1,15%
20Lífeyrissjóður starfsm Rvborgar0,95%
19Hekla fagfjárfestingarsjóður0,55%

The list is updated approx. weekly. Last update: 2. april 2020.
Total number of shares: 1.985.675.666

Investor relations

Skeljungur consists of two well established companies that, together, have operated for over 90 years. Skeljungur operates in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands and services over 60 thousand clients. Skeljungur’s role is to fulfil the energy needs of individuals and companies in a beneficial and secure manner in harmony with the environment.