Executive Board

Árni Pétur Jónsson

Chief Executive Officer

Árni Pétur was hired as CEO of Skeljungur in August 2019. Árni has a Cand Oecon from the University of Iceland and has an extensive business experience. Previously Árni was the CEO of Teymi hf., when it was listed on the Icelandic Stock Exchange. He also worked as Managing Director at Olís and Hagar. In recent years, he has been CEO og Tíu ellefu (10-11)/ Iceland verslun (Iceland) and Baskó, but sold his share in 2016.Árni has been a board member for various companies such as Lyfja, Securitas, Skeljungur, Penninn, Borgun and Eldum rétt. He has also had part in managing the telephone company Kall in the Faroe Islands as well as Bonus in the Faroe Islands.

Gróa Björg Baldvinsdóttir

Chief of Governance and Quality

Gróa Björg Baldvinsdóttir is Chief of Governance and Quality of Skeljungur and Compliance Officer. Gróa joined Skeljungur in 2017, first as a General Counsel and depute of Compliance Officer, same year she became Head of Legal, Compliance Officer and the Board’s Secretary. From 2011-2017 Gróa worked as a lawyer at Landslög law firm. Gróa has a BA and a MA degree in law from Reykjavík University and is licensed to plead cases before the district courts of Iceland.

Már Erlingsson

Chief Procurement and Inventory

Már Erlingsson is Chief of Procurement and Inventory of Skeljungur. Before he was the COO of Skeljungur. Már has worked for Skeljungur since 2006. Before that, he was the town mayor of Tálknafjörður municipality.Már has an M.Sc. degree in engineering from DTU in Copenhagen.

Ólafur Þór Jóhannesson

Chief Financial Officer and Vice CEO

Ólafur Þór is Chief Financial Officer and Vice CEO of Skeljungur. Ólafur has been an independent consultant since 2018 and has served on various company boards during this same time. Prior to that, he held the position of CFO and Vice-CEO of Basko ehf., from 2012-2018. Ólafur was the CEO of Miðengi ehf., a holding company owned by Íslandsbanki, 2010-2012. From 2006-2010 he was CFO of Teymi hf., which was a listed company on the Icelandic Stock Exchange. From 1996-2006, Ólafur worked in the audit practice of PricewaterhouseCoopers, the last few years as a full partner. During this period, he was a member of the University CPA Examination committee. Ólafur has a cand.oecon degree in business from the University of Iceland and is a certified public accountant.

Þórður Guðjónsson

Chief Sales Officer

Þórður Guðjónsson is the CSO of Skeljungur, heading both B2B and B2C sales, since 2017. Previously Þórður headed business management and sales for B2B customers at Síminn, since 2014. Before that he was key account manager at Síminn. Þórður was the manager of ÍA soccer club for many years. Þórður has also been active in politics at Akranes municipality.Þórður has a B.Sc. degree in business from the Bifröst University and has a diploma in coaching.

Karen Rúnarsdóttir

Chief Retail Officer

Karen Rúnarsdóttir is the Chief Retail Officer of Skeljungur, heading B2C sales.Karen was previously Head of Lyfja's digital solutions and marketing. Prior she worked as Head of Marketing for Krónan and Festi, at Íslandsbanki and as the Managing Director of Zara in Iceland. Karen holds a B.Sc. degree in business administration.

Investor relations

Skeljungur consists of two well established companies that, together, have operated for over 90 years. Skeljungur operates in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands and services over 60 thousand clients. Skeljungur’s role is to fulfil the energy needs of individuals and companies in a beneficial and secure manner in harmony with the environment.

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