Financial Calendar

Q4 2020 results and annual report year 2020: February 4, 2021

Annual General Meeting 2021: March 4, 2021

Q1 2021: April 29, 2021

Q2 2021: August 11, 2021

Q3 2021: October 28, 2021

Q4 2021 results and annual report year 2021: February 3, 2022

Annual General Meeting 2022: March 3, 2022

The publication of the financial results will take place after the market have closed.

Please note that this calendar may be subject to change.

For further information please contact Árni Pétur Jónsson, CEO,

Investor relations

Skeljungur consists of two well established companies that, together, have operated for over 90 years. Skeljungur operates in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands and services over 60 thousand clients. Skeljungur’s role is to fulfil the energy needs of individuals and companies in a beneficial and secure manner in harmony with the environment.