Shareholder meeting 2020

Key dates:

February 6th: The Nomination Committee requests that nominations/candidacy are submitted within this day
February 7th: The Nomination Committee interviews with candidates
February 13th: The Nomination Committee submits its proposals 
February 20th: The Nomination Committee does not assess candidature that is received after 16:00
February 24th: 
- Deadline for shareholders to request item to be put on the agenda and to submit a proposal, such claim must be received before 16:00.
- Deadline for the Nomination Committee to change their proposal 
February 29th:
- Deadline for shareholders to request for proportional or a multiplication election, such claim must be received before 16:00. 
- Deadline at 16:00 to submit candidacy for the Board of Directors
March 2nd: Candidates for Board of Directors to be announced
March 5th: 
Shareholders can register in advance, until 14:00 on the day of the AGM, by sending an email to
- The Annual General Meeting will start 16:00 and shareholders can register at the meeting’s location from 15:30 on that date
March 6th: Proposed dividend ex-date
March 9th: Proposed dividend record date
April 2nd: Proposed dividend payment date

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Investor relations

Skeljungur consists of two well established companies that, together, have operated for over 90 years. Skeljungur operates in Iceland and in the Faroe Islands and services over 60 thousand clients. Skeljungur’s role is to fulfil the energy needs of individuals and companies in a beneficial and secure manner in harmony with the environment.