About Skeljungur

Skeljungur employs a wide variety of people, both men and women, at all ages. Our people are our most valuable resource. We care for our employees’ interests, and we want to lead when it comes to our employee rights, safety, and environment. Skeljungur became the seventh company to receive the Directorate of Equality’s Equal Pay Certification.

Skeljungur's mission is to serve the energy needs of companies in an efficient and safe manner in harmony with society and it´s environment.

Skeljungur's core buisness are in the field of sales and service to companies related to multi-energy. The company distributes, purchases and wholesales fuel, lubricants, cleaning and chemical products, fertilizers as well as other products and services to companies and farmers. Service and sales to large-scale users, to shipping companies, to aviation and contracting are also part of the business.

Skeljungur is Shell's official reseller in Iceland as well as owning Barkur, EAK, Fjölver and Ecomar.

About 60 people work at Skeljungur all over the country. Skeljung's CEO is Þórður Guðjónsson.


Skeljungur's core values


Together we create a positive and good work environment. We promote open and honest communication by talking about things openly. We respect each other and are not afraid to admit mistakes. Skeljungur is a good and desirable place to work. Skeljungur is a trusted partner of its customers.


We are driven, efficient and ambitious. We make high demands on ourselves and our colleagues. Together as a whole, we achieve success by each of us taking responsibility for the tasks assigned to us.

Ready for change

We are open to change and are constantly looking for new ways to achieve the best results. We show initiative, are willing to learn and are committed to always doing our best. We are ready to promote changes that benefit the workplace, our customers and the environment.


Skeljungur follows the United Nations' global goals for sustainable development and has chosen six goals on which special emphasis is placed.

No. 5

Gender equality

No. 7

Affordable and clean energy

No. 9

Industry, Innovation and infrastructure

No. 13

Climate action

No. 14

Life below water

No. 15

Life on land


Skeljungur follows Nasdaq's UFS guidelines.

With sustainable development, we strive to ensure that today's value creation is profitable for all stakeholders and does not compromise future generations' ability to create an increased quality of life. Sustainability requires that we emphasize that value creation is in harmony with the society that inhabits the earth, therefore we need to think long-term so that the development that results from the present has the opportunity to continue to grow and prosper in the future.

Skeljungur is dedicated to being among the companies that excel when it comes to sustainability, we intend to do this by creating an environment where the company's position in sustainability issues is assessed and known so that measurable goals can be set that promote to continuous improvement towards increased sustainability. It is important not only to look at what is done well, but also to look at the aspects where it is possible to do better.

The managing director of Skeljung appoints a sustainability team whose task is to review measurements, evaluate results and make proposals for goals that contribute to improvements in this issue. The team is also responsible for presenting the approved action plan, measurement results and future vision to the company's employees, thus ensuring that everyone is aware of Skeljung's future vision.

Skeljungur publishes an annual sustainability statement and report as part of its annual report.