Skeljungur hf. endeavours to service Icelandic agriculture around the country, and retails fuel, lubricants, fertiliser, hay bale plastic, and pertinent yarn and nets. The Skeljungur policy is to offer the best quality merchandise to farmers, a large variety of products, and excellent service at competitive prices.

Skeljungur offers fertiliser under the trademark „Sprettur fertiliser“, and is leading in product development and marketing for new solutions that benefit farmers.

We can create service documentation for tractors, balers, and other machines for our clients.

Sprettur Fertiliser

Skeljungur introduces fertiliser pricing for 2019. Farmers in Iceland that have used our product know that Sprettur Fertiliser stands for quality, variety and low prices. World market price hikes have made it necessary to raise our prices 15% on average. We recommend farmers buy their fertiliser as soon as possible to guarantee themselves the best prices.

Our partner in the UK, Origin Fertilisers, is a part of Origin Enterprises PLC, which is a conglomerate that operates in agriculture. Origin is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fertiliser to farmers throughout the UK.

Origin Fertilisers produce a comprehensive range of NPKS, prescription blends, straights, and micro-nutrients. In addition to ‘standard’ fertilisers, the company is committed to developing innovative and technologically enhanced crop nutrition products and services with the objectives of improving crop yields, crop quality and farmer returns.

Payment terms for 2020

1. Pre paid, pay before the 15. March
2. Pay before the 15. May
3. Payment plan / pay before the 15. October

The payment plan consists of 7 equal monthly payments with a due date of the first of each month from May to November, or one interest free payment with a due date of 1. October.

Cut-off date is 15 days past the due date
If payment is not received by the cut-off date, interest accrue determined by the due date.
All prices are excluding VAT.
24% VAT. is added to prices at invoice creation.

Engine and transmission fluids, as well as lubricants, for all types of vehicles

Motor oils designed for high stress and protect from wear and tear. They are versatile and multi purpose for cars and heavy machinery.
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